Current Project: Venus Fest 2022

Venus Fest[︎︎︎] is a Toronto not-for-profit music festival, mentorship program, and concert series. Founded in 2017, the organization’s goal is to create space within the music industry that addresses present and historical challenges, pushes for change, and looks to the future.

The team at Venus Fest approached me to create a distinct identity for their 2022 season. Being the first in-person Venus Fest since 2019, we were looking to make a statement with the graphics. The goal was to express the pure joy of living in the moment, and the unadultered celebration of live music.

Brand Identity, Graphic Design, and Web Design by Natasha Whyte-Gray


The identity system is designed to be dynamic and adaptable, as it was used across the festival, the mentorship program, and a special video project. Aerin Fogel, the Artistic Director at Venus Fest, put it plainly: this year we want Venus Fest to feel like the fun, sexy, queer party it is. The result is a brand system that bursts from the seams with these big, bold, beautiful, and joyful themes.

Alternative Venus Fest 2022 Logo


The logo and variations were designed with the intention of taking up space and developed using Outward by Raoul Audouin.[︎︎︎]  The logo is inspired by the aesthetics of modernist retrofuturism and the space race, harkening back to Venus Fest’s past brand imagery.

At its most minimal, the Venus Fest brand utilizes a custom planet symbol   to reference its past